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icon requests

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ok this community is for all those charmed fans out there who want icons, friends only banners and other charmed related pics.
This is where to come if you want to request a charmed icon/banner. Whether you have a specific idea of how you want the request, or whether you only have a vague idea, your requests are made here and hopefully someone will make you what you want.

This community welcomes anyone to join- whether they are icon makers or not- if you can help a request please do.

The only rules are:
- if an icon maker requires credit- proper credit is given as specified by the individual icon makers.
- you must be a member in order to request an icon.
- you must right click and save the icon to your computer- DO NOT SAVE TARGET as this is STEALING bandwidth and is a HUGE no no!!

If there are no requests made, challenges may appear challenging all you budding icon makers out there to make icons on a particular theme...

I hope you enjoy the community.